This week we got informed that in addition to the USA China import tariffs new tariffs for some European made machine are going to be enforced starting oct 28. The rate for the tariffs is the same 25% as for all of the Chinese machines. It is stated that all self propelling machines with a 360 degree swing , made in Germany and the Uk will be charged. There is no saying how long this will last but I assume untill the fine the Eurpean Union got from the World Trade Organization for the illegal support to Airbus is paid. The fine amounts to 7.2 billion USD and the tariffs also includes alot of other products from the EU. Crazy enough Airbus parts themselve are only charged at 10%.

It might be a coinsedance but Caterpillar is hardly effected by this meassure because they dont produce any of this machines in the 2 countries but it will have a big effect on brands like Liebherr, Sennebogen and Atlas. These companies produce most of their excavators and Material handlers in these countries and will have big trouble getting their new and used machines sold in the USA. We can only hope there will be a solution quick and dont have the same prolongued issues as the Chinese machines.

There was talk of Material Handers can be imported under a different Customs Code because these are no diggers but trash machines. Someone I talked to however had it looked at by a lawyer that says that is not the case. The tariffs can also be collected within 5 years of importation meaning that you are not in the clear when you dont get charged at the moment.

Lots of shipping companies are dong the right thing and advising their customers of the new situation but probably not all will do so correctly and its ultimately your own responsibility.

Below you can see an image with all the products and their tariffs


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